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About Eco Installations Inc.

I'm Jamie Minshall, owner of Eco Installations Inc. My father and mentor was in the garage door and operator industry for over 35 years and I have proudly followed in his footsteps for the last twenty. Like him, I am a true perfectionist and it shows in every job I do. You can count on me to install level, smooth and quiet doors and operators while maintaining a clean and professional work area. I also believe in sustainable solutions for garage doors. This means that when possible, we try to repair existing products to conserve natural resources. When new products are needed, we use doors that are manufactured regionally (within the 500 mile LEED suggested radius) in order to lower the environmental impact of transportation while supporting our local economy.

Our Doors

Our doors are purchased from Northwest Door Inc., a company named the 2008 recycler of the year by the Washington State Recycling Association. In addition, many of the doors we offer qualilfy for the Energy Improvement and extension Act of 2008. This can allow you up to a 30% credit on materials cost and up to $1500 on your entire home.

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For more information on how you can take advantage of my experience and my Eco-friendly practices please contact Eco Installations at 503-954-5206.