Eco Installations Inc.


Commercial Steel Garage Doors

Commercial steel garage doors come in two different styles. The first style is the 900 series which is available in 24 and 20 gauge steel that is protected with a white polyester finish. You have two options for insulation with these doors. You can do the C-5 option (not sure what it means) which is a white polyester finished steel back skin. This C-5 option give you a door with an R-Value of 8.1. If you are looking for something with a little higher R-Value, you can go with the option of urethane insulation which jumps the R-value up to 11.5.

The second style of commercial steel overhead garage doors we offer are the Therma Series. They are a door that is constructed by sandwiching two sheets of steel together under high pressure and bonded to a polystyrene insulation making a very strong and water resistant panel. This door has three options for insulation R-10.4, R-12 and a urethane R-16. The front and back skins of this door have a wood grain texture for added strength with a 20 gauge steel backer plate under all hinge placements for extra strong hinge attachment points.