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Residential Garage Door Operators

There are four types of residential garage door operators that you have to choose from these days. The first and most common are chain drive garage door operators. These operators dependable and reliable, but do need periodic maintenance. Every few years you may need to tighten and lubricate the chain. They are available in horse power ratings between 1/3 hp all the way up to ¾ hp heavy duty operators for lifting those wood carriage style doors.

The second most common garage door operator are screw drive. These operators have been around for many years. They are just as safe and reliable as the chain drive operators and can be easily cut down or customized to fit in tight locations between beams making them a great choice for tough situations.

The third style available are the belt drives. These belt drive models are great for situations where noise of the garage door operator functioning can be a problem These operators isolate the vibration and motor noise making for a ultra quiet running system. These operators are available in ½ hp, ¾ hp and the new DC motorized units that even have battery back ups for those areas where losing power is a common occurrence. These operators even come with cutting edge technology like being able to open and close the garage doors from anywhere in the world by using a smart phone or computer.

The fourth and final type of garage door operator are the jack shaft style of operators. What this means is the DC motorized unit actually connects directly to the torsion tube (spring tube) of the garage door and turns it to make the door go up and down. These motors come with some very cool safety features like an electronic deadbolt lock that actuates through the track directly above a roller as soon as the door hits the floor so the door cannot be pried open. Another great feature these operators have is the cable tension monitor. This is a normally open switch that is constantly monitoring the tension of the cable while the door is moving to ensure the cables are never thrown free of the cable drums. These operators are also a great space saver! They don't have any rail or traveler that connects the motor to the front wall of the garage so you have all of the overhead space where you would typically have the workings of the garage door operator