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Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors have come a long way in the last 20 years. The insulation values have increased along with the style choices. Doors like the Therma Classic offer a great “R” value of 8.68 while simulating the look of old fashioned swing type doors and are available in a large selection of attractive designs. The design patterns are a deeper pattern than most steel garage doors. This makes the doors more visible from a distance thus enhancing a homes curb appeal. They offer a true arched windows with a variety of window designs and glass types. These doors come standard with a polyester finish and can be easily field painted to match the exterior of any home.

The Therma Tech line of insulated raised steel panel garage doors ads to the doors we offer, they are known for the quality, value and stylish designs. There are four exterior stampings available, a short or square panel, the wide or ranch style panel, the flush wood grain texture look and the new carriage style panels. These doors hot dipped galvanized then pre painted in one of four standard colors: Bright White, Almond, Sandstone and Brown. These are also many designs of glass sections available in both single pane and insulated glass.

For those of you on a budget we off the the 500 series doors. These doors can be insulated with a vinyl back insulation kit or left non insulated. They are available in square or wide panel and are also available in Bright White, Almond, Sandstone and Brown. Just like all the other doors we offer, you can add a decorative glass top section!